Farrier – Envile Forge

imagesContact: Esther

We have a yard farrier who does the majority of horses on the yard but we do welcome and encourage other farriers to your preference. The farrier group we use are Envile Forge as they are local and have shod my own personal horses for many years now. The team at Envile Forge are a family affair and are made up of Richard Abbiss DWCF who has 17 years of experience under his belt and his brother Robbert Abbiss DWCF who has 15 years experience, who were both trained and run along side there farther Bob Abbis. As well as being freelance farriers they also undertake specialist work from Conughts Vets, and have been the farriers for Wolverhampton race course for some time now. Their approach is empathetic and horseman like and they specialise in remedial, racehorse and performance horse shoeing.

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